Katherine Donovan, PhD

Fischer Lab


Katherine Donovan is a Lead Scientist in the Fischer Lab where she works on the development of molecular-glues and PROTAC molecules for targeted protein degradation. She completed her PhD training in protein biochemistry and structural biology at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. After joining the Fischer Lab as a Postdoc she developed an interest in proteomics as a specialized technology for quantifying protein-level expression changes in response to various perturbations. Katherine set up and optimized a high throughput proteomics pipeline in the Fischer Lab as well as in the Center for Protein Degradation. She has used this proteomics technology to identify the degradation targets of many molecules including the identification of SALL4 as the protein likely underlying the teratogenicity of thalidomide. Katherine continues to work on several projects related to ligase biology and protein degradation and also manages the TPD proteomics operation in the Fischer Lab and CPD.