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Bi-weekly: Thursdays, 12 pm EST, 9 am PST, 5 pm BST, 6 pm CEST
Some seminars were recorded and accessible for a limited time on our youtube channel.

Upcoming Speakers


May 25th 2023

Host: Breanna Zerfas

Zoran Rankovic

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

PROTACs and Molecular Glues for pediatric cancers

Zoran is director of chemistry at St Jude. Prior to joining St. Jude in late 2016, Zoran was medicinal chemistry director and research fellow in Organon, Schering-Plough, Merck and most recently Eli Lilly. During his industrial career Zoran directed teams that delivered clinical candidates over a range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neurodegeneration, psychiatry and cardiovascular disorders. Zoran authored and co-authored over 100 scientific publications, patents, and book chapters. Since joining St. Jude Zoran’s research interests focus on the development of small molecule epigenetic modulators and protein degraders for the treatment of pediatric cancers such as medulloblastoma and acute leukemia.


Novel, reversible DCAF1 ligands expand the TPD-toolbox

Anna Vulpetti

Anna Vulpetti has over 25 years of experience in drug discovery in Pharma, at Pharmacia & Upjohn, Pharmacia, Pfizer, and since 2006 at Novartis. She is an Associate Director and Senior Principal Data Scientist in the Global Discovery Chemistry department at Novartis with experience from hit finding technologies to hit-to-lead optimization. By working interdisciplinary across different disease areas, she impacted multiple pipeline projects through molecular designs and knowledge in structural chemistry and biophysics.

Martin Schroeder

Martin Schröder is a structural biologist with several years of experience in chemical biology and drug discovery. He is currently working as an Innovation Fellow in the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics department at Novartis with a focus of structure-guided drug design. While working in his PhD with the SGC, he contributed to the development and characterization of several chemical tool compounds. At Novartis he presently supporting several projects by providing biophysical assays and structural insights in ligand-protein complexes.  


June 8th 2023

Host: Mikolaj Slabicki / Radek Nowak

Heidi Greulich

Broad Institute

Mechanism of cellular response to PDE3A-SLFN12 complex formation.

Heidi Greulich received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, her PhD from The Rockefeller University, and embarked upon a career in cancer research spanning academia, industry, and collaborations between the two.  Upon joining the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute, Dr. Greulich focused on discovery and characterization of oncogenic kinase mutations from human tumor samples, including mutations of EGFR, ERBB2, FGFR2, and ARAF.  As a Senior Group Leader at the Broad, Dr. Greulich led the collaborative development of a selective EGFR exon 20 insertion inhibitor now in clinical trials, as well as the discovery and development of a new class of small molecules, the velcrins, that kill cancer cells by inducing complex formation between PDE3A and SLFN12.  Most recently, her group has focused on the mechanism of action of cellular response to PDE3A-SLFN12 complex formation.




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