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Bi-weekly: Thursdays, 11 am EDT/EST, 8 am PT/PST, 4 pm BST/BDT, 5 pm CEST/CET
Some seminars were recorded and accessible for a limited time on our youtube channel.

Upcoming Speakers


June 27th, 2024

Host: Samuel Ojeda / Zuzanna Kozicka

Maria Górna

University of Warsaw

Targeted Protein Degradation in Escherichia coli using CLIPPERs.

Maria Górna graduated from the University of Warsaw, combining biotechnology and theoretical chemistry. She obtained her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge with Prof. Ben Luisi and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at CeMM in Vienna with Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga. Currently Maria leads Structural Biology Group at the University of Warsaw. Maria’s broad interest is in innate immunity and RNA metabolism, with implications for drug discovery and infection diagnostics. Through her research findings and inventions, she would like to help combat viral, bacterial or trypanosomal infections or treat human inflammatory disorders.


Dan Nomura

UC Berkeley

Reimagining Druggability using Chemoproteomic Platforms

Dan Nomura is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the Co-Director of the Molecular Therapeutics Initiative at UC Berkeley and the Director of the Novartis-Berkeley Translational Chemical Biology Institute. He is Co-Founder of Frontier Medicines and Vicinitas Therapeutics. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Boards for Frontier Medicines, Vicinitas Therapeutics, Photys Therapeutics, Apertor Pharma, Oerth Bio, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals and The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, and an Investment Advisory Partner at a16z, an Investment Advisory Board member at Droia Ventures, and an iPartner with The Column Group. He earned his B.A. and Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and was a postdoctoral fellow at Scripps Research with Professor Benjamin F. Cravatt before returning to Berkeley as a faculty member in 2011. Among his honors include the National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award.

July 11th, 2024

Host: Hojong Yoon

Michael Erb


Michael Erb 1 copy 2.jpg

Prospective molecular glue discovery by high-throughput chemical diversification

Michael Erb is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute. He received his PhD from Harvard University under the mentorship of James Bradner and Nathanael Gray and started his independent career as one of the inaugural Scripps Fellows. Dr. Erb is the recipient of an NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (2018) and an Ono Pharma Foundation Breakthrough Science Initiative Award (2020). The research in his laboratory is focused on developing chemical tools to target the transcriptional programs that drive cancer.

Hlib Razumkov

Stanford University

Discovery of CRBN-dependent WEE1 Molecular Glue Degraders from a Multicomponent Combinatorial Library.

Hlib was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. After studying at the University of Toronto for two years he transferred to the University of Tokyo, where he worked under supervision of Prof. Eiichi Nakamura on iron- and chromium-catalyzed C-H activation reaction development. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in chemistry and joined Stanford Chemistry Department in 2020. He pursues his PhD studies in the Nathanael Gray lab, focusing on designing modular scaffolds for efficient synthesis of proximity inducing small molecules and molecular glue degraders in particular.

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